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Bella Tunno x Taking Cara Babies Lovey Bunny

Bella Tunno x Taking Cara Babies Lovey Bunny

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Our limited-edition collaboration with Taking Cara Babies is here! The Taking Cara Babies lovey was designed with Founder and Sleep Expert, Cara Dumaplin to be something your little one cherishes now and for years to come. A lovey provides huge benefits like: helping little ones feel calmed and soothed, providing reassurance during times of transition, cuing the brain sleep is coming, and giving comfort when fears arise.

For safety, if your baby is younger than 12 months, a lovey cannot be used during sleep times, but… you absolutely can begin to introduce it before 12 months. Here’s how:

+Rub it over their hands and cheeks during a feeding,

+Place it between you when you snuggle so it begins to smell like you,

+Grab it when your little one is upset and allow them to hug it while you comfort them. Soon, your little one will begin to associate it with comfort, security, and love. And, after their first birthday, they can begin sleeping with it too.

Need more help introducing the lovey? Step-by-step tips can be found on Cara’s blog here.


    -Super soft cuddle plush
    -Embroidered details
    -Machine washable

    Material & Care

    -Non Toxic
    -Soft Polyester Faux Fur
    -Free of BPA, PVC, Phthalates
    -Soft Polyester Faux Fur
    -CPSIA Compliant
    -Size: 12" x 11"
    -To clean Snuggle Lovey, machine wash cold on delicate cycle and air-dry.


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