Introducing the Taking Cara Babies Snuggle Lovey!

Introducing the Taking Cara Babies Snuggle Lovey!

Our collaboration with Taking Cara Babies is here! The founder of Taking Cara Babies, Cara Dumaplin, is a neonatal nurse, wife of a pediatrician, and a certified pediatric sleep consultant. She is the mom to four kids, and knows first-hand how important good sleep is for your entire family.

It has always been a dream at Bella Tunno to find a collaboration partner that is an expert in the field of children and that cares about our mission as much as we do.

We have worked hard to make our brand a leader in Baby and Children’s products - putting both our mission to feed hungry children and our incredibly high safety standards at the forefront. We care about families. We care about feeding hungry children.

We are well poised in feeding, teething and bath - but we were looking to launch a sleep product and that is a category where we don’t have expertise.

In looking for a partner, we wanted someone with huge credentials and an even bigger heart - that’s where Cara comes into play….

Cara’s advice, research and classes have personally helped all the parents on our Bella Tunno team. Cara is pretty much a celebrity around here.

But, we didn’t just reach out to Cara because we are HUGE fans - we reached out because she is a mother of 4, she’s a pediatric nurse married to a pediatrician and she’s the real deal. She’s passionate about educating parents and she’s committed to giving them their sleep back and in doing so, giving them their quality of life back.

We spent months going back and forth on the product design and features to create the perfect sleep product. Cara’s team thinks of everything.

Above all, It came down to two things:
it had to be safe and it had to be simple.

After thinking through everything from educating parents with a QR code on the hang-tag to removing any non-essential features to focus on the simplicity, we launched the Snuggle Lovey!

Cara wants you to know that although the Snuggle Lovey cannot be used in the sleep space until after 12 months, you absolutely can introduce it prior to that.
Here’s how:

+Rub it over their hands and cheeks during a feeding,
+Place it between you when you snuggle so it begins to smell like you,
+Grab it when your little one is upset and allow them to hug it while you comfort them.


Soon, your little one will begin to associate it with comfort, security, and love. And, after their first birthday, they can begin sleeping with it too.

Cara also wants you to know that this lovey is packed full of so many benefits for your child like helping little ones feel calmed and soothed, providing reassurance during times of transition, cuing the brain sleep is coming, and giving comfort when fears arise.

Turns out in addition to being the leading infant sleep specialist, Cara has a huge heart for all things related to kids and she was in agreement that we needed our product collaboration to help them. She joined our mission to feed children and is giving an additional meal for every product sold -that means that we’ll give 2 meals to hungry kids in America for every Taking Cara Babies Snuggle Lovey.

It’s a product created with intention that is going to have a huge impact.

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