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Pediatric Feeding Expert Gives the Scoop on Her Favorite Product Features



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Rachel Coley of @CandoKiddo


I'm always excited about a product like the Wonder Bib that helps parents get on board with self-feeding and messy mealtimes. The bib holds its shape with a nice, wide-open trough much better than other brands I've tried. And the closure is more secure and toddler proof.


Whether baby is finger feeding or using a spoon, the Wonder Plate offers a sturdy, stable spot to practice self-feeding. I recommend parents encourage self-feeding right from the start which supports motor skills, sensory and independence. The Wonder Plate makes this more practical!


This spoon is easily managed by baby, which fits right in with my recommendation for baby to start self-feeding with a spoon right from the beginning of introducing solids. And the long handle allows caregivers to share the handle with baby to offer help when needed.


I LOVE that the Wonder Bowl is designed with self-feeding in mind! Not only does the suction-bottom keep the bowl in place but the high curved sides encourage scooping to load the spoon - an important young toddler skill.

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