Cameron Sobanski

Bella Tunno's Mamas Tell All

We are moms. We love kids. We want the absolute best for them –our own included. We know that parenting is the best hard job you’ll ever have. We create products to make parenting easier, more fun, and more meaningful.

Keep reading to find out our mama’s must haves.

The spoons are M-A-G-I-C. I couldn’t believe how anxious Jefferson was to self - feed with the Wonder Spoon.The spoon is perfectly flexible for an easy grip and soft enough to dual as a teether. The length is perfect for me to help guide her little hand which truly gave her confidence. This is my 6 month must have.

-Cameron, Director of Operations

The Wonder Bib is my all time favorite product. I can use them with my two year old and my seven month old. They are perfect for my two year old who loves cereal. The pocket catches all milk that spills over from her spoon for mess free meals! It’s also perfect with my 7 month old that is just starting to eats solids. The food doesn't always make it into her mouth but it wipes right off the bib.

- Molly, Lead Designer

We are all about recycling and products with longevity. The great suction of the plate gave me the idea to transition it to a divider for craft time.We pick our materials for each section and then suction it to the table so we don’t have any glitter explosions or pom pom spills! 

- Nicole, Production Manager

“Every product provides a meal to a child in need. Every product carries on the legacy of my brother through his memorial fund, Every product is safety tested and mom - created. So, for me, EVERY product is amazing."

- Michelle, Founder

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